Antique Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

A UNIT-Puzzle

A Browning Family Legacy

Family, friends and collectors have been enjoying U-NIT puzzles since the 1930's. These antique hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles are the creation of my grandfather James Thomas Browning and a small number were also made by my father James Lloyd Browning. For as long as I can remember, my family has enjoyed sitting down together during holiday gatherings or a rainy day to piece together one or two of grandpa's puzzles, some of which were gifts to various family members. We still possess many of them and they are indeed cherished. Even though I was a very young boy I have memories of wood in big clamps pressing the wood layers and pictures together. There was a canister filled with sawdust that had been swept off of the jigsaws and I recall it being very fine and soft as I sifted my fingers through it. It wasn't until my fathers passing that we discovered just how truly special these puzzles really are. We have always known about the puzzles but we never really understood what my grandfather had done. I don't think he or my father knew, after all it was about making a living. U-NIT Puzzles have a history. Now antiques, these hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles are collectable and still enjoyed by puzzle aficionados. We would like to share all that we know.

I am now dedicated to preserving this piece of my family's heritage and the art of hand made jigsaw puzzles. If you have any of these puzzles tucked away consider taking one out the next time you have a get-together and rediscover the fun of putting one together with family or a good friend. This pastime is a great way to disconnect from the modern world and spend some time with someone or get lost in time alone. If you by chance discover one of these treasures from the past for sale at garage or estate sales, flea markets or on-line consider picking it up!

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